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On 21/02/2008 I registered for the GMAT course offered by The Princeton Review in conjunction with the Manya Group in Hyderabad.

The previous day when I met Mr.Prasad, the front office man at Greenlands branch,Hyderabad, I made it very clear that I was in India for a holiday and would be taking up residence abroad . He told me that

a) I could avail of ongoing coaching anywhere in the world for a further year should I not be satisfied with my score; provided I wrote the GMAT within two weeks of the course ending.

b) Should the course not be completed for any reason on their part , I could transfer to another center (abroad) without extra cost.

c) When I pointed out there was no center in Sweden of TPR he said I could do it online.

To me this sounded like a very concerned and involved coaching group.

When I started the course I was given a schedule of course work. The second weekend when I reached the center with my assignment ready I was informed that since the rest of the class had not done it no discussion would take place. I also found that the Math classes started half an hour late. I was told to meet a Mr. Vinod Kumar concerning this matter. His attitude was to attack me and tell me that the schedule handed out was wrong and I was supposed to do something else! And if there were any doubts to be cleared concerning the course work he could do it or another faculty member could do it by previous appointment. At which point my parent had to tick him off and tell him to put his house in order instead of trying to intimidate me and cover up for their short comings. The math’s teacher would not clarify doubts as the class progressed. One was supposed to accumulate a number of “doubts” and then ask for a clarification!

On 27/04/2008 I did a TPR test and found that I scored 700.I took the exam on 29/04/2008 and scored 640. This score being far from the 30 points, either way swing, I was told to expect.

On 30/04/2008 when I called up saying that I would be availing of their one year extension because I had written the GMAT within nine days of the end of the course and that i was not satisfied with my mark. I also informed him that the actual format of the gmat was very different to that of the course. Vinod Kumar ‘s immediate response was that

a) Manya Group could not help me.

b) That two students had scored 710 and 720 on the day I wrote the GMAT and that a faculty ,member had scored 780 on taking the test during the month. In the eight years that he has been working for the Manya group he has never seen a 60 point decline in score from the TPR test. In short implying I was incompetent and the format was as per TPR tests. I would like to state here that I have a First Class BA(Hon) from the Middlesex University, UK, and I am just twenty years old!

On further conversation he said that the Manya Group operated only in India and that I could avail of their services only in India. That online support would cost me another Rs.25,000/-. I could only avail of online support without shelling out another 25,000/- in the following manner.

a)I email my doubts to a faculty member and they clear the doubt whenever they think fit to reply to that email.

b)I could clear my doubts via telephone… an international call would be just fine! On my expense by the way.

c)I cannot use instant messenger as the faculty was not available on IM.

Terms and Conditions on the Bill issued by The Manya Group Says clearly

“4. Satisfaction Guarantee Clause:The clause is only applicable to students who attend all classes, follow instructions as directed by the faculty, do the homework on time,take the practice tests as per schedule and take the test immediately after completing the course.(applicable for the SAT, GRE and GMAT)” Note that it does not specify in what way these extra classes can be done.

I have stuck to these conditions and also paid up money upfront. The only clause that works against me is their no refund policy.

I advice anyone thinking about taking a course with TPR and Manya Group not to do so. Firstly, their materials are outdated and secondly they refuse to stick with their original contract.

Monetary Loss: $600.


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completely agree to you because now i am facing the worst time with princeton Hyderabad madhavpur.Dont know how Indian Government is ignoring such cheaters trying to fool innocent public.

i felt this is not a place for study even for free.

unprofessional and irresponsible etc...., i dont want to scold them here its better to take a serious matter and appeal to indian government to take any action to stop cheating public in the name of educational institute.


Another interesting thing about the GRE. Most colleges don't care! When I called one of my prosepective graduate schools they said that the GRE is usually the last thing they look at when deciding whether or not to accept you


Bangalore, Karnataka, India #593421

hey stop complaining your score depends on your abilities nd how u perform on the day of the exam. Yes as a matter of fact they have deceived u bt still how can u blame them for a bad result.Stop crying over spilt milk and start preparing harder.And have a little maturity to understand when somebody is fooling you because the promises made by them were too much for the little amount you paid!


I agree with many of the complaints.

I took the GRE package which was somewhat useful because of practice tests available and also how to go about with questions.

The ACS package was complete and utter ***. It sucks! First they assign a counsellor who tells you 'you have to improve your profile'... and doesn't do much else.

Then they will let you select only 5 universities - not more. And among those, most of it was ***. Some random Bgrade universities whereas with my 9gpa and 1paper i could apply for better places.

Also, the editor i was first assigned was decent. and then, for reasons unknown i was assigned another editor who decided she could call me ANY FRAKKING time of the day. once i picked up and told her i was busy, she wouldn't stop talking. fyi, i was at my brother's poonal ceremony. i disconnected on her.

I decided to let them fo and used edulix which is highly recommended.

Anyone, please do not be fooled by their money making business of Manya Aroad.




I hired them for my applications to business school.Without any doubt, they are the worst service providers.

You are far better off without Manya (Princeton).Don't let them fool you with the fancy 'princeton' name.


Whoa! After reading these comments I think I'll go with Kaplan. It's to scary to take a chance on Princeton Review, these classes are not cheap and I'm searching for a private tutor.


Manya group ACS services sucks.I faced excessive delays in their ACS services and happened to waste an entire year because of it. only 20% of students enroll gets the actual benifit.


Hey i am third yr engg student.I am going to give GRE and TOEFL in 2011.

I was looking for any good coaching institutes for the same.After reading all the comments about Princeton manya Group, I am confused on whether to enroll with them.What do u suggest and do u guys knw any other good coaching institutes for GRE and TOEFL???????

to AD Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India #757855

Hey I was actually gonna take coaching for GRE and TOEFL from Princeton Review - Hyderabad. Is this advisable or can you please suggest me some coaching institutes for the same.

email: msairaghu3012@gmail.com

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